Wo we are

And why do we produce coffee

Our job, our grind stone and even our favorite flavor is coffee…
Therefore, we are lovers of flavor as a corporation that selects the most precious coffees of Africa, processes them with carefully, packs them with the same care and delivers them to you…

Coffee Davies

You Now Have One Addiction

We choose the most special

The world’s finest quality and aromatic coffees are grown in Africa's high altitude and verdant soils. They are picked meticulously and sacked by the local people.

Climax of flavor

Enjoying and taking pleasure of the coffee that is delivered in hygienic and special package, rests with you

At special sales points

You can buy our coffee which is produced with great care, at exclusive sales points. Because our coffee as well as you are very special

Special Delivery

We also pay attention to the coffee that we produce specially for you. Because our coffees require care until they fill your cups.

Our Sales Offices

Currently, we operate only in 10 countries. Sometime soon the whole world will get together with the flavor of Coffee Davies. We are working for this. Just for you to reach the climax the of coffee flavor…

Locations of our coffees

England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Denmarka, Finland, Romania, Czechoslovakia

You now have one addiction

Be Our Dealer

We are looking for business partners who takes his business seriously and willing to market such flavor and can create a market share. If, what you need is the dealership of a serious corporation that you can rely on its experience and share your commercial know- how, we will be with you. For this purpose, we grant franchises to regional or local companies. If you want to become the main or regional dealer for Coffee Davies Espresso that we produce, please contact us.

    Be Our


    Your new passion